Alpaca Yarn

Alpaca Yarn


      Our yarn has been spun as two ply using a yarn count of R74Tex/2 suitable for a 12 gauge knitting machine (12 stitches per inch).

      The yarn is 95% alpaca and 5% merino – the merino provides more fibre cohesion and offers greater bulk.

      This yarn is extremely fine (under 20 micron) and best used on a knitting machine. It could be mixed with other wool types to better suit hand knitters.

      Each cone contains 1 kg of yarn.


    • Great insulator of heat – very warm
    • Water resistant but not waterproof
    • Wind resistant but not wind proof
    • Fire resistant but not fireproof
    • Hypoallergenic – allergy free (there is no lanolin in alpaca wool)
    • Itch free – super soft and incredible handle
    • Lightweight due to air pockets in each fibre
    • Great elasticity meaning it does not lose its shape

    • There are seven colours to choose from.

      Natural cream or off white

      Dyed White
      Dyed Fawn
      Dyed Kasmir Blue
      Dyed Dark Blue
      Dyed Coral
      Dyed Havoc Red

      Price per cone – 1kg  $195  GST Inclusive

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      4 products