Large White Shawl Draped on Chair

Alpaca Shawls


      Our shawls come in one standard size – 132cm x 65cm

      The shawls have been machine knitted using a yarn count of R74Tex/2 on two ply yarn.

      Only super fine wool of under 20 micron has been used to ensure the handle of the garment is not compromised.


    • Great insulator of heat – very warm
    • Water resistant but not water proof
    • Wind resistant but not wind proof
    • Fire resistant but not fire proof
    • Hypoallergenic – allergy free (there is no lanolin in alpaca wool)
    • Itch free – super soft and incredible handle
    • Lightweight due to air pockets in each fibre
    • Great elasticity meaning it does not lose its shape

    • There are seven colours to choose from.

      Natural cream or off white
      Dyed White
      Dyed Fawn
      Dyed Kashmir Blue
      Dyed Dark Blue
      Dyed Coral
      Dyed Havoc Red

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      1 product