Alpaca Fleece

Alpaca Fleece


      Fine alpaca fibre is so soft and the handle absolutely divine. We have had so many spinners convert to alpaca wool – they really know their stuff when handling fibre.

      Silverstream has a limited supply of under 20 micron alpaca fleeces available for sale. The fleeces have been skirted, classed and micron tested but they have not been scoured or washed. Having said that the fleeces are very clean and free of vegetation.

      The average fleece weight is 1.2kgs

      Each fleece has the following qualities:

    • Excellent length with a minimum of 110mm of length
    • Excellent lustre and brightness
    • Excellent crimp for elasticity
    • Excellent fineness and handle
    • Uniformity of colour – no colour contamination

    • 1 product

      1 product